TeacherEase & Standards Based Grading

TeacherEase is the online gradebook used in Franklin Pierce Schools to provide students and families with real-time access to assignments and progress towards meeting standard. Families and students can use this tool to communicate directly with their teachers, and view student schedules, assigned work, and progress reports. TeacherEase also allows teachers to directly email students and families of progress.

Accessing TeacherEase

Access log in at
  You must receive a welcome email from Washington   High School (generally, in the first few weeks of   school). Then, use the link to create a password.

 Contact WHS Registrar, Bonnie Wiklund, if you have   not yet received the email.

TeacherEase Log In Screen

Use the Forgot password? Link if student or parent/guardian
cannot remember their log in.

Standards-Based Learning and Grading

Grades should communicate the knowledge and skills students possess. Standards-based learning and grading focuses on the connection between academic expectations (standards) and the level of proficiency a student demonstrates in those standards. Tasks assigned to students are aligned to district and state standards and allow teachers to track progress, give feedback, and adapt instruction to ensure students are meeting proficiency. Students are accountable to their learning by reaching a minimum proficiency (score of 2) for all standards taught in a course.

In a standards-based learning and grading system, there are two types of assessments: formative and summative.

Formative assessments are those tasks assigned while students are learning a new concept, such has practice/homework. Formative assessments are critical as they provide feedback to the teacher and student what learning has taken place and what skills still need support. Formative assessments may be entered into the gradebook to track progress and are not calculated in the final grade. By not including formative assessments in the final grade, students are not penalized while learning new concepts.

Summative assessments are given at a point in time, such as the end of a unit of study. Summative assessments can take a variety of forms, such as exit tickets, tests, presentations and more. Summative assessments are calculated into the final grade as they show proficiency at that point in time.

Standards are assessed throughout a course and provide multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate their proficiency. The mode (most common occurring score) of a standard determines the score for the standard. Standards are grouped by a domain, an overarching category of related standards and averaged for an overall grade.