Restorative Justice Center

Restorative Justice is rooted in indigenous principles that focus on repairing relationships when harm occurs while proactively building and maintaining relationships to prevent future harm. Restorative Justice is modeled as an alternative to exclusionary forms of school discipline. It allows both the person harmed and the person who caused harm (including students and staff) to participate in the process by reflecting on behaviors and interactions and creating a plan to repair the harm.  


The Restorative Justice Center (RJC) at WHS serves the school community in multiple ways. The RJC is staffed by teachers & student advocates who are trained to provide: 

  • A calming space for students to take breaks  
  • A space for students to self-regulate 
  • Opportunities for reflection and verbal processing 
  • Proactive circles (community building) 
  • Restorative circles (once harm has been caused) 


Students access the RJC by:  

  • Asking their teacher for the RC pass (to take a break or reflect with a student advocate) 
  • Emailing to set up a time to come in for longer conversations 
  • Being called in based on teacher/admin/counselor referrals