Counseling & Career Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington High School Counseling Program is to provide guidance and support to enable all students, regardless  of individual differences, to acquire the self-knowledge, academic,  post-secondary planning competencies necessary to succeed and contribute in a changing society.


Washington High School school counselors believe:

  •  All students have the ability and the right to achieve to the best of their potential regardless of individual difference, socioeconomic status, and ethnic-cultural background.
  • Student learning improves through positive relationships with adult mentors within the educational setting.

Washington High School school counselors will:

  • Abide by the school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counseling Association.
  • Participate in professional development activities.
  • Use data and professional judgement to determine appropriate educational plans for individual students.

Phone: 253.298.4734
Fax: 253.298.4716 (direct to Counseling Office)
Hours: 7am-2:30pm (Monday-Friday) // 7am-12:30pm (Early Release Wednesdays)

Counseling & Career Center Staff

Name  Title  Phone Number
 Kim Pacheco  Records & Enrollment Specialist  253.298.4734
 Bonnie Wiklund  Registrar / Data Manager  253.298.4713
 Jamie Zapanta  School Counselor /
 Student Last Names A-G
 253.298.4861 or 971.357.0659
 Eduardo Ortiz

 School Counselor & Dept. Chair /   Student Last Names H-O

 253.298.4736 or 971.357.0954
 Matt Summers-Smith  School Counselor /
 Student Last Names P-Z
 253.298.4735 or 208.609.4576
 Annie Plutko  School Counselor / Grad Coach &   Running Start students 

 253.298.4718 or 971-357-0659
 Make a phone or Zoom appointment

 Sheryl Moore  College & Career Specialist   253.298.4871
 Brian Rice  School Psychologist  253.298.4882
 Taneesha Jenkins  School Social Worker  253.298.4831