Student Handbook

Message from the Principal

Washington High School is a special place for me and my family. I have spent my entire 20-year career at WHS, and there’s no other place I’d rather work or send my own children. We have a dedicated staff and an incredible group of students, and I’m confident that, as you participate in our school community with us, Washington High School will be a special place for you as well.

What sets WHS apart from other schools is our culture and climate. Our school was recently recognized as the sixth most diverse high school in the state. As such, we strive to create a sense of inclusion and belonging, and while we still have room to grow, we take pride in knowing that nearly 90% of our students report being proud to be part of our school and almost 85% say that they enjoy coming to school. That hasn’t always been the case, so we realize how important that is. We recognize that, before students are ready to learn, they need to feel like they are safe and that they make a difference.

As critical as it is to create a culture of belonging, we recognize that it is not sufficient. Students need to be engaged in meaningful, rigorous work each class period. Our teachers focus on high-quality instruction for all and participate in continual professional development to ensure that we do this with the proper balance of support and student accountability. Collaboration is a critical component to everything we do instructionally. Our teachers are adept at planning and delivering quality instruction, assessing student learning, and making instructional decisions based on data. The result is a graduation rate close to 90% and regular recognition as a positive outlier, related to student achievement, when compared with similar schools. We recently learned that WHS was recognized once again by US News and World report as being in the top 40% in the nation, and not another school like us in the area ranks as high.

Washington High School offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities related to athletics, clubs, activities, JROTC, and performing arts. We recognize the essential role that such pursuits play and are dedicated to offering significant opportunities for growth and achievement to all of our students through these activities. I encourage you to learn about the many offerings that are available and see if one is right for you.

I recognize how important each stake holder is to the success of our school. As parents and families, I hope you visit this website regularly to check on important updates and upcoming events. Check your student(s) academic progress regularly, and reach out to their teachers with questions. Students use the resources on this site to ensure that you are making the necessary progress toward a fulfilling high school experience and a promising future. Go PATS!     

School Information and Schedule

School Information

School Hours

Main Office 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Early Release Wednesday 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Counseling Center 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Early Release Wednesday 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Health Room 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Early Release Wednesday 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Washington High School

12420 Ainsworth Ave S

Tacoma, WA 98444

Main Office (253) 298-4700

Fax (253) 298-4715

Counseling Center (253) 298-4734

Fax (253) 298-4716 

General Expectations


Our mission is to create a caring and safe learning community that promotes and instills academic, social, and personal growth.
It is everyone’s responsibility to make Washington High School a safe, civil, and healthy place.
  • We will honor and celebrate diversity
  • We will collaborate and communicate with the school community to create engaging lessons and a learning focused environment
  • We will provide and implement interventions for every student in need 
  • We will recognize and celebrate academic success
  • we will assist students in creating post-secondary plans
  • We will attend and acknowledge student performances, activities and athletics


Washington High School Expectations

Our Mission is to develop contributing citizens, produce academically successful students, and assist students in creating plans for post-secondary opportunities.  Academic success will be determined by district and state standards.  To ensure this success, we commit to strategic interventions and support for all our students.
We believe in mutual respect for people and property in the classroom, school, and community.
We believe in taking full responsibility for our personal behavior and academic coursework.
We believe in valuing diversity and embracing individual differences.
We believe in striving to reach our full potential in academics, activities, community involvement, and citizenship.

Processes and Procedures

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY (Disruptive Conduct)
Students are not to plagiarize (physically or electronically) by using another person’s ideas in words, artwork, computations, projects, models, etc., and indicating it was their own; use notes, texts, electronic devices, or memory aids during tests when instructed otherwise; steal or knowingly use test master copies or teacher answer keys to get information before or during a test; or knowingly allow another person to use their work as if it were the other person’s work. “Electronically” refers to the use of the internet or other computer-accessed digital reference source. Any violations of academic dishonesty will be subject to disciplinary action.
ACADEMIC INTERVENTION (Academic Success Program)
Completing work is strongly encouraged at Washington High School to set our students up for assignments, tests, and projects that receive a standardized grade of 1,2,3 or 4. Students will be expected to complete class assignments by the deadline to set themselves up for success. Every Thursday, a teacher will create a list of students who have missing assignments. The administration will communicate with families and students about who is on the list. The student will have one week until Thursday end of day to complete missing assignments and turn them in. At this point, a teacher can take a student off the list. If the student is still on the list, the student will serve Friday School. If the student does not attend Friday School, they will serve the next Monday in In School Suspension to complete assignments. Please communicate frequently with your teachers about missing assignments and turn them in by the deadline.
Any accident in a school building, on school grounds, at practice sessions or at any athletic event sponsored by the school must be reported immediately to the person in charge and to the school office. The appropriate accident report form must be completed by the supervising staff member and turned into the nurse.  During school hours, students involved in an accident are expected to report to the health room for evaluation.
Music and other activity programs are of significant importance throughout our educational system, and students are encouraged to participate in them. Students with a broad range of interest and talent often participate in multiple activities, and this participation has the capability to cause numerous conflicts between activities which may occur on the same date and/or time as scheduled music activities.
In the interest of allowing students to participate in multiple activities in which music conflicts with other activities, the following guidelines have been established to resolve situations and determine priorities of participation:
1) An activity advisory meeting will be held prior to the fall, winter, and spring activity seasons to confirm activity schedules and facility needs and resolve probable conflicts. Responsibility for scheduling this meeting will belong to the building principal and/or activities coordinator.
2) Scheduled 2A South Puget Sound League activities, scheduled activities in which the Franklin Pierce School District has a definite school commitment (i.e. Daffodil Parade), or those activities which are an extension of the classroom activity, will assume priority over non-league events.
3) Members of an athletic activity who are not required to be “suited up” for participation in a scheduled activity are free to meet responsibilities to another activity.
4) When two or more activities occur at the same time and neither has a clear priority over the other, a cooperative agreement is to be reached by the advisors involved with regard to fairness to the students and activities involved, using the following criteria:
    a) Which activity will be most/least affected by the loss of the student?
    b) What is the frequency of opportunities for the student(s) in each activity?
    c) What is the level of participation of the student(s) involved in each activity?
5) If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached by the advisors directly involved, the building principal will make the final decision to resolve the conflict.
AP testing is required in all AP courses
1) Payment to secure registration for AP testing (in May) is due by the last school day in month of November.  Payment must be paid to the cashier and paid in full by the due date.
2) If a student withdraws from the course during 2nd semester they will not receive a refund of their payment.
Students not taking the AP test
1) Students can take an AP class 1st semester only and get credit without taking the AP test. 
2) However, students not wishing to take the AP test (in May) will be removed from that AP course at the end of 1st semester if payment for the test is not received by the deadline (in November). 
3) Also, if a student does not make full payment by the deadline they will be dropped from the course 2nd semester. 
4) Dropping an AP course after the beginning of 1st or 2nd semester follows current school policy: students can withdraw before 12 days without a withdrawal grade showing on the transcript; after 12 days, students will receive either a “WP” (Withdraw Pass) or “WF” (Withdraw Fail) depending on the current course grade at time of withdrawal. 
ASB CARDS (Activity Tickets)

The Associated Student Body is comprised of all Washington High School students. Student government is formulated through the Associated Student Body. Washington High School ASB cards will be sold throughout the year. The revenue obtained from the sale of student activity cards is used to finance the student activity program.

1) Students purchasing the $40 ASB card will be admitted free to all home athletic contests and at a reduced rate to dances and away sporting events. 
2) All students who participate in activities that receive money from student body funds must purchase a student body card. All athletes, cheerleaders, ASB officers, class officers, club members, and student council representatives must purchase a student body card to participate in that activity.  
3) Replacement ASB cards are $10.00. 
4) Activities are held to the same academic standard as sports (F = ineligible for participation) because they must purchase an ASB card to participate. 


Assemblies are scheduled as a part of the total school program to be attended by all students, and as such are designed to be educational and supportive of the educational program.  They provide one of the few opportunities in school to learn formal audience behaviors. All students will sit in the bleachers provided on both sides of the gym. Students will not be allowed to stand or sit in aisles or pathways because of fire regulations. Assemblies will be held at regularly scheduled times during the school year. On these days an activity schedule will be published to provide an assembly agenda and time period.
On assembly days, students are expected to:
1) Report directly from class to the assembly.  
2) Sit in the proper section.                 
3) Show respect during the flag ceremony by removing hats, not talking, and standing until the flag is taken off the floor.
4) Listen considerately and attentively to speakers.
5) Participate in the manner requested.
Attendance at pep assemblies is optional. Students electing not to attend a pep assembly may go to the cafeteria during this period.
Students riding the 5:00 (Monday-Friday) activity buses will follow bus expectations.
1) School bus rules - Students shall observe all appropriate school rules while riding buses.
2) If students do not meet expectations, FPSD Transportation Department will handle discipline.
Teachers set the expectations for cell phone use in their classes.  Should a teacher have the expectation that cell phone should not be allowed in the classroom, students will be told to put their cell phones away.  Should the student continue to use their cell phone in class, teacher will ask the student for their cell phones.  The teacher will keep the cell phone in a secure area for the remainder of class.  The teacher will also notify our Assistant Principal’s secretary via email of the confiscation. 
Progressive discipline will apply as follows:
1-4 confiscations      No School Discipline, teacher will continue to confiscate phone until the end of class & notify the Assistant Principal’s Secretary via email
o  5th confiscation       Student conference , same teacher process
o  6-7 confiscations    Lunch Detention, parent contact, same teacher process
o  8-9 confiscations    Friday School, parent contact, same teacher process
o  10-11 confiscations In School Suspension (ISS), parent contact, same teacher process
o  12+ confiscations    Short Term suspension, parent contact/meeting, same teacher process

Should a student refuse to hand the teacher the phone, the teacher must state that refusal to hand over the phone will result in a two-day suspension.  If the student still does not hand over the phone, the teacher will send the student to the main office and call/email the information.  If a teacher does not state clearly that refusal will result in a two-day suspension, the student may only receive ISS.

CLOSED CAMPUS (Disruptive Conduct)
Students shall remain on school grounds from scheduled time of arrival to departure, unless officially excused or dismissed. Students are not to remain at school after the normal dismissal time unless they are participating in a scheduled activity or are under teacher or school supervision.

1) Washington State Law makes school districts responsible for students from the time they leave their home until they return. In order to abide by this law, students must remain under the supervision of school personnel. Therefore, the Franklin Pierce School District policy regarding closed campus is as follows:

   a. Students shall remain on school grounds from scheduled time of arrival to departure, unless officially excused or dismissed. Students are not to remain at school after normal dismissal time unless they are participating in a scheduled activity, or under teacher or school supervision.
   b. Any student leaving the high school campus between 7:25 a.m. and 1:55 p.m. must have permission from the principal or assistant principal and must sign out through the main office
   c. During school hours, students are not permitted behind the 900 building, gym, cafeteria, Boys & Girls Club/custodial building, parking lots, or in the Wake Lake area.
   d. Students found in an out of bounds location or returning without being accounted for will be subject to a search of their person and property for safety reasons.
All students who leave the class to use the restroom must carry the WHITE WHS common hall pass. All students who leave the class for trips outside their class building must carry the BLUE WHS common hall pass or the RED WHS common hall pass (main office only).  All students are required to sign out when leaving the classroom for any reason.
10/10 Rule: Passes will not be issued passes during the first 10 or last 10 minutes of class to protect these crucial minutes of instructional time.
Dances begin at 8:00 p.m. and conclude at 11:00 p.m.  Students will not be allowed entry after 9:00 pm.  The sponsoring club or class will set dance fees and dress requirements will be enforced. Listed below is an overview of our dance policies and rules.
Policies for all Dances:
1)    Students will not be allowed to purchase dance tickets until they have cleared all outstanding fines.
2)    Students may be subject to drug/alcohol tests if there is reasonable suspicion that they are under the influence.
3)    Homecoming is only open to in-district students and WHS graduates from the previous two years.
4)    Prom is open to guests from other districts provided they are 20 years of age or younger.
5)    Only one guest per student; a Dance Request form must be filled out completely by all parties, including a signature of approval by an Administrator before purchasing tickets and guests must adhere to rules below.
6)    We reserve the right to deny guests due to past conduct reports.
7)    Guests must be between grades 9-12 or no older than 20 years of age.
Rules for all Dances: (Students may be removed from the dance for failure to follow these rules.)
Inappropriate behavior                                            Appropriate Behavior
Making fun of other dancers                                      Having fun!
Dancing front to back                                                            Dancing by yourself
Any dancing in a prone position on the floor               Dancing with a friend face-to-face, standing up 
Any form or style of “freaking”                                    Slow dancing face-to-face        
Using chairs or furniture to dance on or with               Dancing in group, standing up, not touching
Any group contacts or chains not in motion               
Mosh pit
Dancing on the stage or jumping off the stage
Dancing up against the walls
The school building, school grounds or school activities are not the places for public displays of affection (i.e. kissing and touching).
Students are prohibited from bringing to school objects that interfere with or disrupt the educational process.  Bandanas, squirt guns, stink bombs, lighters, cards, laser pointers, etc. serve no useful educational purpose.  Students found using or in possession of these items will have the object confiscated and be subject to school discipline. Items may not be returned.
A student will violate the dress code by wearing one or more of the following items(s):
o Clothing that has inappropriate language or symbols that advertise alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs, or guns/weapons
o Anything that bares or exposes traditionally private parts of the body including but not limited to the stomach, buttocks, back and/or breasts; or underwear/bra is visible (even through a shirt or pants)
o Bandanas or any article of clothing with the bandana/paisley design (regardless of color)
The first violation will be a written letter from administration to the student that needs to be signed by parents/guardians. If further violations occur, the student will be assigned consequences for each new violation. The order of the consequences is:
o    Lunch Detention
o    Tuesday School
o    Friday School
o    In-School Suspension
o    Short Term Suspension
Students are expected to eat food provided by the cafeteria or brought from home. Food deliveries by paid drivers or outside companies are prohibited. School discipline will apply for repeat offenses. All food and beverages must be consumed in the cafeteria or JROTC classroom.
At certain ages, students attain the right to decide for themselves what records will remain confidential, even from their parents, and what activities the student will participate in. At age eighteen, students become legal adults and must approve any disclosure of information about themselves from school records, except directory information if a request for confidentiality has not been filed. With permission from their parents and the school, students at age eighteen may also sign releases, authorizations, or permission slips to participate in school activities, and may sign themselves out of school and authorize their own absences. (FPS Policy 3230)
If there is ever a need for schools to be closed, you will receive an auto-dialer call with closure details. If there is a question whether school is in session, parents and students are asked not to call the school, they should consult media (TV, radio, internet) for up to date information. If schools are in session, students may be sent home early or they may be retained at school beyond the regular closing time, depending upon the circumstances. When schools are closed, activities planned for that day and evening will be cancelled.
Students may always seek extra help from their teachers if they do not understand an assignment, if the work is difficult or if they have been absent and have missed assignments and class discussions. Arrange a conference with your teacher before or after school or at a time convenient to both of you during the day.  Tutoring is also available Mondays and Wednesdays after school in the library.
A student’s diploma or transcript may be withheld until the student pays for any school property that has been lost or damaged. Upon payment for damages, or the equivalent through voluntary work, the diploma, transcript, or report card will be released.  Additionally, students will not be allowed to purchase a yearbook or dance tickets until all fines are cleared.  All fines must be cleared in order to participate in an extracurricular activity (i.e. dances and sports).
In order to comply with the state fire marshal’s recommendation we will establish specific procedures for fire drills at Washington High School. These procedures should be closely followed whenever practical. Teachers have a special responsibility for familiarizing themselves and their students with proper, orderly, fire drill conduct.
The fire drill signal is a continuous alarm buzzer. At the signal students and teachers should proceed in a quiet and orderly fashion to the exits and stand away from the buildings. Staff and students are not to enter the building until you hear the re-entry signal over the PA.
Tampering with fire extinguishers/alarms is defined as a criminal act under the laws of the State of Washington. In the interest of safety, life and property, students are directed to refrain from tampering in any way with fire extinguishers/alarms.
The Health Room is open from 7:30 until 1:55. The health assistant is available every day. Students desiring to be seen in the health room are required to present a Health Room Pass, which has been signed by a teacher or staff member.
1) Upon entering, students must sign the health room log to register their attendance. 
2) Students will be evaluated by the health assistant and/or nurse.  If it is determined that a student needs to be sent home, a parent/guardian will be contacted for permission, before a student is allowed to leave campus.  Any student leaving campus when ill or injured must be evaluated and excused through the health room.
3) Visits to the Health Room will be limited to twenty (20) minutes. After 20 minutes a decision will be made by the Health Room Staff and the student to return to class or contact the parent for permission to leave school.  Time out of class will be considered unexcused if the student remains in the Health Room longer than 20 minutes without consent from the Health Room Staff. It is the student's responsibility to always come to the Health Room with a pass, keep track of their own time and checkout, if permission is authorized by the Health Room Staff.
4) Numerous visits to the Health Center will be investigated by the Assistant Principals.
Honor roll is compiled each semester and students are recognized who meet the following criteria:
Distinguished Scholar:               4.0 to 3.5 GPA
Scholar:                                      3.49 to 3.0 GPA
Promising Scholar:                     2.99 to 2.5 GPA
Honors at graduation is conferred upon any senior who has a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or greater for grades 9-12.  A list of Honor Roll students will be posted on campus every four (4) weeks.
Students receive a Washington High School identification card when the school year begins. This I.D. card becomes a validated A.S.B. card when students purchase an activity ticket ($40.00). The I.D. or A.S.B. card is required for admission to school functions, riding the activity/athletic bus, checking out library materials, etc., and should be carried at all times when a student is on campus. It is required that the I.D. card be shown to any staff member upon request. Report the loss or theft of your I.D. card to the office immediately.  Replacement card cost is $10.00.


Our school district offers parents the ability to purchase a school insurance to cover students during the school year. Five coverage plans are available: 24-hour plan, school-time only plan, football plan, dental plan, and student life plan. Students receive this information and application forms at the start of the school year. Parents wishing this coverage work directly with the insurance company, not the school.


Limited InvestED funds are available for students who find that they are unable to participate in either the curricular or co-curricular program at Washington High School because of costs.  Students who need more information about these funds should see their counselor.


Washington High School students are not to be on the Keithley Middle School Campus unless they have permission from Keithley administration. Please see a Keithley school administrator in the Keithley school office.  Washington students are to use the service road adjacent to the Keithley cafeteria or the pathway below the 500 building when walking home.


Students may earn an academic or athletic letter for performance; criteria to be determined by advisor/coach.


1) Books are checked out for two weeks, magazines are checked out for a week, and reference materials are checked out for overnight use only.
2) Word processing and other Microsoft Office offerings are on each computer.
3) When printing from the computer, the first four pages are free; after that the cost is five cents a page.
4) A copy machine is available and the cost is .25 cents per page. 
5) Grades are held until materials are returned or paid for.
 Students are expected to:       
1) Turn in a signed Internet Use Policy form to use the Internet.
2) Provide picture identification to checkout materials and for computer/internet use.
3) Keep food and drinks inside their book bags and not at the library tables.
4) Have a pass to enter the library except when entering with a class.
5) Place book bags/duffle bags on the designated book bag table when entering.
6) Keep valuables (purses/wallets) with you.  We are not responsible for them.
7) Sign in on the appropriate sheets for entering the library, using the Internet, and using the computer for word processing or CD-ROMs.
8) Print out only school or assignment related items during periods 1-6.
9) Not print copyrighted material (song lyrics, artwork, etc.).
10) Not check out materials or use the computers if they have overdue materials.
Lockers are optional for our students and provide reasonable security for their belongings. Only you (and your locker partner) should know your locker combination. You are responsible for the proper care of your locker. Lockers are school district property; you may be subject to a fine for damages to or writing on your locker. Any locker assignment changes or any locker difficulties you may have should be reported to the Cashier immediately.


Any articles found should be brought to the office where a lost and found service will be maintained. Unclaimed clothing is given to charity.
Students are expected to keep all food in the cafeteria or JROTC classroom.  The appearance and cleanliness of the lunch area depends upon the cooperation of all persons to exercise appropriate lunchroom conduct and to be responsible for removing their own trays, dishes, etc. from tables. Students are expected to respond to reasonable requests of supervising staff to remove items from tables and/or to clean up tables. The lunchroom can be maintained as a healthy and pleasant environment only with the help of students working to keep it clean.
1)    School discipline will result if students leave garbage or do not clean up their mess.
Medication will be administered in the health center when necessary.  Written requests from student’s physician or dentist and parent/guardian must be submitted to the health technician. 
Medication must be:
1)    in the original pharmacy container;
2)    labeled with student’s name and name of the medication, dosage, and frequency of administration.
This includes all prescription and non-prescription medication with the exception of pre-approved inhalers or EpiPens.
All medications must be checked into the health center by parent/guardian.  Students in possession of medication (in any form) will be subject to school discipline.
Possession at school or at school-sponsored activities of a personal protection spray device is permissible by students aged 14 to 17 years of age only if they have permission of their parent or guardian. Students aged 18 or over may possess a personal protection spray device without permission of parent or guardian. Possession of such a device by a student under the age of 14 years of age is not permitted.
1) A student in possession of a personal protection spray device assumes responsibility for its control. To help minimize the risk of accidental discharge, unauthorized use, theft, and/or disruption, a student is expected to keep the device out of sight (in a purse, book bag, etc.) during the school day.
2) Unauthorized possession of a personal protection spray device and/or use of such a device for any purpose other than its intent of protection from personal attack is not permitted.



1)  The district shall maintain those student records necessary for the educational guidance and/or welfare of students for orderly and efficient operation of schools and as required by law. All information related to individual students shall be treated in a confidential and professional manner. When information is released in compliance with state and federal law, the district and district employees are immune from civil liability unless they acted with gross negligence or in bad faith.

2)  Student records are the property of the district but shall be available in an orderly and timely manner to students and parents. “Parent” includes the State Department of Social and Health Services when a minor student has been found dependent and placed in state custody. A parent or adult student may challenge any information in a student record believed inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of the privacy or other rights of the student. Student records shall be forwarded to other school agencies upon request. A high school student may grant authority to the district, which permits prospective employers to review the student's transcript. Parental or adult student consent shall be required before the district may re-lease student records other than to a school agency or organization, except as otherwise pro-vided by law.

3)  A grades report, transcript, or diploma shall not be released until a student has made restitution for damages assessed as a result of losing or damaging school materials or equipment. If a student has transferred to another school district that has requested the student's records but the student has an outstanding fee or fine, only records pertaining to the student's academic performance, special placement, immunization history, and discipline actions shall be sent to the enrolling school. The content of those records shall be communicated to the enrolling district within two school days and copies of the records shall be sent as soon as possible. The official transcript will not be released until the outstanding fee or fine is discharged. The enrolling school shall be notified that the official transcript is being withheld due to an unpaid fee or fine.

Washington High School values the health of students and staff and is committed to providing a healthy learning/working environment. While recognizing that complete elimination of scents is virtually impossible, the expectation is to minimize the risk of exposure by information, awareness and avoidance. The more that is learned about the effects of the environment on individual physical and emotional well-being, the more important it becomes to provide an environment that is healthy for all students and staff. Many people are sensitive or allergic to simple scents from deodorant, hairspray, cologne, soap, perfume and aftershave. Symptoms of this sensitivity or allergy range from headaches, red eyes, itching, coughing and sneezing, to severe asthma attacks. Nearly one-quarter of the population is subject to respiratory and allergic reactions that may be inflamed by scented and chemical substances. This policy applies to all persons in schools and district vehicles, including students, staff, visitors and volunteers.
1) We request that staff and students avoid the use of fragrances and perfumed personal care products while in our school and district vehicles.
2) Students purposefully discharging scent devices without regard to this policy will be subject to school discipline.
All seniors who are continuing their education after graduation from Washington High School are encouraged to submit a Senior Scholarship Notebook. Scholarships are available for technical and community colleges as well as four-year colleges and universities.
Seniors who submit a Senior Scholarship Notebook will be eligible for consideration for scholarships awarded by the Washington High School Faculty Scholarship Committee.  These notebooks are also used by other groups including elementary schools, Keithley Middle School, PTAs and other community groups to help them make scholarship selections. The information in the Senior Scholarship Notebook will also assist students with completing other scholarship applications as well.
Signs and posters related to school events, including campaign publicity are permitted under the following conditions:
1) Signs and posters must be approved by ASB advisor.
2) Advertisement of non-school sponsored events must be approved by the Franklin Pierce School District.
3) You are responsible for removal of your posters after the date of event or after signs are posted for more than two weeks.
4) Students must use only approved methods of hanging all signs and posters: no duct tape, staples or nails/screws shall be used; blue painter’s tape or masking tape are approved for use.
5) Signs and posters must be posted inside only between the months of October to March.
6) The sign making kit owned by the Student Body is available to school clubs and classes.
For safety reasons skateboards, scooters, and bikes are not allowed to be ridden on campus.  If a student rides a skateboard or scooter to school it must be stored in the student’s locker.  Scooters and bikes must be securely stowed on the bike rack on the north side of the 100 building.  Progressive discipline will apply for repeated failure to meet this expectation.
The Student Council has a highly active role at Washington High School. Its purpose is not to govern the students, but to serve as a meeting place between the student body and the administration, where the students can assume as much of the responsibility of organizing their high school activities as they are able to handle. It is the place where problems or questions arising from either the students or the administration can be presented for discussion and consideration.  Student Council is made up of ASB officers, class officers, club presidents, athletic captains and advisory representatives.

All students must maintain satisfactory citizenship in school for the year in office and must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better to be eligible to hold or run for an office. The Student Council will consist of:

1) Student Body officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Commissioner of Activities).
2) A representative from each homeroom and leadership class.
3) Class and organization presidents.
Franklin Pierce School District uses photographs of students in district publications, newsletters and occasional news releases for television and local newspapers. If you do not wish to have your child's picture used for this purpose, please complete the release of information form available in the Counseling Center.


FPS Policy No. 3230
Personal privacy is a fundamental aspect of individual liberty. All students possess the constitutional right to be secure in their persons, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Staff shall take particular care to respect students' privacy. School officials have authority to maintain order and discipline in the schools and to protect students from exposure to illegal drugs, weapons, and contraband. The superintendent, the principal, school security officers, and other staff designated by the superintendent shall have the authority to conduct reasonable searches on school property as provided by Board policy. A search is required when there are reasonable grounds to suspect a student has a firearm on school grounds, transportation, or at school events. Prior to conducting a search, school officials shall ask that the student consent to be searched by removing all items from pockets or other personal effects. If the student refuses to consent to the search, school officials may proceed to search the student, the student's personal belongings, and the student's locker, as follows:
1) Any search of a student conducted by a school district employee must be reasonably related to the discovery of contraband or other evidence of a student's violation of the law or school rules.
   a. For the purpose of this policy, “contraband” means items, materials, or substances the possession of which is prohibited by law or district policy, including, but not limited to, controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or any object that can reasonably be considered a firearm or a dangerous weapon.
2) Staff shall conduct searches in a manner which is not excessively intrusive in light of the age and sex of the student and the nature of the suspected infraction. No student shall be subject to a strip search or body cavity search by school staff.
School officials may consult with local law enforcement officials regarding the advisability of a search on school premises by a law enforcement officer if evidence of criminal activity is likely to be seized.
FPS Policy No. 3230 Locker Searches
1) Lockers, desks, and storage areas are the property of the school district. No right or expectation of privacy exists for any student as to the use of any space issued or assigned to a student by the school, and such lockers and other spaces are subject to search in accordance with district policy.
2) No student may use a locker, desk, or storage area as a depository for any substance or object which is prohibited by law or school rules or which poses a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of the occupants of the school building or the building itself.
3) Any student's locker, desk, or other storage area shall be subject to search if reasonable grounds exist to suspect that the search will yield evidence of the student's violation of the law or school rules. Any search of an individual student's locker shall be conducted according to Board policy governing personal searches. All student lockers may be searched at any time without prior notice and without reasonable suspicion that the search will yield evidence of any particular student's violation of the law or school rules.
4) If the school official conducting such a search develops a reasonable suspicion that any container inside the locker, including, but not limited to a purse, backpack, gym bag, or an article of clothing, contains evidence of a student's violation of the law or school rules, the container may be searched according to Board policy governing personal searches.
5) All students possess the right to be secure in their persons, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures.  However, in order to maintain order and to ensure that school policies and procedures are followed, school officials are authorized to conduct searches when reasonable cause exists.

Telephones are to be used for business purposes and should be used by students for emergencies only. Under no circumstance is a student allowed to use a school telephone without permission from a staff member.  Please have a communication plan in place if your student plans to stay after school beyond normal office hours.  Parents desiring to reach students during class time should call the school office rather than the student’s cell phone.


Students may drive vehicles to high school only if they follow these regulations:
1) Students shall not be permitted to bring motor vehicles to school without the permission of the principal or designee.
2) All students parking their vehicles on school property must register them with the school.
3) Vehicles must be parked at all times in designated places. Failure to comply with parking regulations may result in impounding the vehicle.
4) Vehicles should not be entered during the school day without permission from the school principal or designee.
5) Vehicles must not leave the school parking lot during the school day without the driver receiving permission from the principal or designee.
6) Students driving vehicles to school must comply with all provisions governing the use of motor vehicles for the State of Washington.
7) Vehicle speed on school property shall not exceed 10 MPH.
 Procedures for attaining a parking permit:
1)    Make sure all fines and fees are paid.  This must be done in order to be considered eligible for a parking permit.
2)    Provide a copy of your valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance, and registration.
3)    Take completed application with required documents to the main office for processing ($5 fee).
Parking penalties are as follows:
Parking offense ..................................$10 fine/offense
Students are cautioned not to bring large amounts of money, electronic devices, CD's, mp3 players, electronic communication devices, cameras, or any items of value to school. Students are responsible for their personal property. The theft and/or loss of any of the above items that are brought on to the WHS campus by students will not be investigated.
Washington High School is a closed campus.  Parents/guardians may visit classrooms and eat lunch with their students with prior notification/approval and must first check in at the main office.  All visitors must sign in and receive a visitor’s badge in the main office to be displayed while on campus.  Under no circumstance are students allowed to invite non-students or former students on campus.