Daily Instructional Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Key
8:00a-12:00p                Teacher Collaboration & Planning Time
12:00p-12:55p      Per 1 Per 4 Per 1 Per 4 Advisory, enrichment activities, etc. Class time (Canvas): Combination of instruction, office hours, interventions and checking-in.
1:00p-1:55p       Per 2 Per 5 Per 2  Per 5
2:00p-2:55p        Per 3 Per 6 Per 3 Per 6

In an effort to coordinate coursework as we finish out the school year away from campus, we have developed a daily schedule that will allow students to connect with their teachers twice each week and receive the regular instruction that is necessary to complete this semester's classes, and for non-seniors, prepare for the next courses of instruction in the fall. The schedule is divided into three 55 minute blocks from noon until three and designates which class periods will be held each day.

Teachers will be available during these designated class periods to connect with students, provide instruction, answer questions, and give feedback.

Temporary Staff Contact Information